Photo Souvenir Retail System

Ticket & Photo Sales  |  Online Pre-Booking  |  Complete Reporting

Fast. Powerful. Intuitive.

Why use our system?

It’s fast, powerful & intuitive.

Exceptional at maximising Grotto revenue and responsible for over 1/2 million photos and tickets sold across the UK’s top retail schemes.

Also provided inclusive of Grotto Management Services, our photography systems allow staff to focus on the customer, not the software.

What photography souvenirs will it produce?

Any souvenir product that holds a photo.

Great Grottos supply a range of established photo souvenirs, successful retail pricing, light-up displays and discount packages.

Christmas Gortto Photo Souvenir

How does it work?

DLSR cameras, thermal printing technology & proprietary software produce high-quality photo souvenirs fast and efficiently.

Christmas Grotto Photography Hire

Key Features

Features quicken & simplify operation.

  • View multiple photos.
  • Instant printing.
  • Return purchases supported.
  • Sales tracking.
  • Simultaneous tickets & photo sales.
  • Automatic reporting.

What does the software look like?

Retail system focuses on three intuitive pages.

Christmas Grotto Photography Retail Rental

Till Point

Great Grottos provide counters with matching camera stands. 

Christmas Grotto Photography Souvenir System Hire Set-Up Counter

System Layout

Grotto designs vary. Our system adapts.

Christmas Grotto System Hire Plan

Installation & Training IncludedPhoto Retail Portal

  • Equipment installation & calibration
  • Staff training
  • 7 days-a-week fault support
  • PAT testing
  • Stock control

Online Reporting Features

  • Photo sales & ticket sales
  • Pre-Bookings reports
  • Daily & hourly reporting
  • Financial accounting & reconciliation
  • Footfall-to-sales conversions

Optional | Online Booking

Integrated online booking available.

  • Facilitates pre-purchasing of tickets & photos
  • Supports school bookings & special needs
  • Fully customisable imagery
  • Mobile optimised
  • PCI & GDRP compliant
  • Supports cross promotion

Christmas Grotto Photography Retail Rental

Ticket Design

Pre-booked customers receive e-tickets showing each child’s name.
Christmas Grotto Ticket System Hire

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