Great Grottos are the UK's leading Christmas Grotto management company.

We recruit & train over 500 amazing Santas & Elves each year to bring our Grottos to life. Many tell us it is most rewarding job role they've ever had.

Great Grottos have been managing Grottos in shopping & garden centres across the UK since 1998.

In addition, we provide costumes, Santa's gifts, souvenir photography & ticketing. For details on our service | Christmas Grotto Management

Visit our job application and send us your details | Online Job Application

Alternatively, view our current locations first | Map of Grottos

You will need your CV and a photo of yourself. We understand if Santa applicants do not have CVs.

Our Recruitment Team will review your application and contact you. Feel free to call and ask how your application is proceeding.

Right now, please. Hiring begins in August and is ongoing until December 24th. There are always opportunities.
View our Grottos locations, here | Map of Grottos

Click the location you wish to apply for. Or just apply and we will check for you.

Once your application is submitted, our Recruitment Team review your experience, skills and the position that you are applying for.

They will confirm the rates of pay at our Grottos nearest to you and invite you to interview.

We need both full-time and part-time Grotto staff. You can work weekdays and/or weekends. We need Elves and Santas with all varieties of availability.
Typically our contracts include a period during November and December. The exact period will depend on the Grotto and your availability.
Staff wage payments occur every two weeks.
Our interviewers are friendly and don't ask difficult questions. They want to get to know you and find out your availability.
Yes. Staff training ours at the Grotto prior to launch. Depending on your role, you will undergo Santa training; Elf training; visit structure; customer service; Grotto photography & till operation. Great Grottos train hundreds of staff each year.
Yes. You can work for Great Grottos on either a self-employed or PAYE (preferred) basis.
Santa Claus, Santa's Elf & Grotto Manager. Job Descriptions contains more detail on these three roles | Job Descriptions
Yes. And our costumes come in every size, from XS to XXXL.

We believe in going above and beyond our customers’ expectations. This includes providing exceptional levels of customer service whilst in character. Our costumes will enhance this experience and help you to portray your character.

You can view our costumes here | Christmas Grotto Costumes

You will also find our staff in costume on social | Great Grottos Instagram

Visit Online Application or call the team on 01306 886 989.

You can also view our current Grotto locations before you apply | Map of Grottos

In line with General Data Protection Regulation, this privacy notice explains Great Grottos data policy for those submitting their job application to Great Grottos.

This includes our legitimate interest in its processing, and how we’ll store and handle that data to keep it safe.

What data do we process?
We retain your name, address, DOB, contact details, photo and CV. Everything submitted during your application.

What do we use your personal data for?
We use your personal data so we may offer you an interview and employment.

Where do we keep it?
It is hosted at a secure and dedicated data centre.

Who can access it?
Great Grottos’ Head Office team via our staff database.

Who do we share it with?
No other organisation will receive your data.

Do you have to provide your personal information to us?
To be considered for employment, we must receive your personal information.

How long do we keep it?
We will keep your personal data for as long as is necessary solely for the purpose of recruitment in your area. At the end of that period, your data is deleted completely. If we do not offer you an employment role within three years, your data will be automatically deleted.

How may I delete my data?
You may ask at anytime for your personal data to be deleted in full by phoning 01306 886 989 or emailing Please note, it may not be possible to delete your data whilst currently employed by Great Grottos.

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