Santa’s Outdoor Christmas Grotto
Hire, Installation & Operation

Christmas Grotto Hire | Santa’s Log Cabin

Great Grottos install outdoor Christmas Grotto log cabins, inclusive of Santa’s chamber & souvenir photos.

Outdoor Christmas Grotto

We provide Grotto staff, costumes, gifts, photo souvenirs & ticketing.

Outdoor Christmas Grotto Hire

We install outdoor Grottos throughout the UK.

Christmas Grotto Outdoors

Families may book online. Each child receives a gift & photo souvenirs are offered.

Santas Grotto Outdoor

Set up for the perfect souvenir photos.

Outdoor Grotto Install Log Cabin

Bespoke colour schemes available.  

Outdoor Grotto Hire

Installation includes; electrics, lighting, heating, music, waterproofing, disabled access, public liability insurance & pine scent.

Outdoor Grotto Hire

Our outdoor Christmas Grottos will withstand all weather conditions.

Outdoor Christmas Grotto

Souvenir photos are available after meeting Santa. 

Log cabin Grottos work both indoors & outdoors. 

Christmas Grotto | Floor Plan

Santa’s Grotto may be customised. Below is the most popular layout.

Outdoor Grotto Floor Plan

Included | Santa’s Gifts

Split into age groups & each sack contain a variety of gift.

Santa's Wrapped Grotto Gifts

Included | Counter & Camera

Great Grottos install themed counters & matching camera stands.

Christmas Grotto Photography Souvenir System Hire Set-Up Counter

Great Grottos offer customers photo souvenirs & fantastic discount packages.

Christmas Gortto Photo Souvenir

Included | Online Pre-Booking

Integrated online booking available, supporting:

•  Quiet Sessions
•  Special Needs
•  School Bookings

•  Marketing Opt-In
•  PCI & GDPR compliant
•  Cross-Promotions

Christmas Grotto Online Ticketing

Included | Ticketing

Families receive tickets showing each child’s name.
Christmas Grotto Ticket System Hire

Grotto Hire Components:

Grotto Rental Metrics:

  • Space: 6m x 4m           
  • Installation: 3 days
  • Staff Training: 1 day
  • Soft Launch: 1 day
  • Operation: 1 – 8 weeks
  • Expected Footfall: 2,000 – 10,000 visitors

Outdoor Christmas Grotto Gallery | Outdoor Grotto Showcase