Christmas Grotto Booking Online

The only ticketing system designed specifically for Christmas Grottos.

Why use our system?

Responsible for over 1 million Grotto bookings across the UK’s top retail schemes.

  • Our booking system is designed so we may run Grottos to the highest possible standard.
  • We’ve spent 10 years upgrading & adding features. 
  • Also available inclusive of Grotto Management Services, our ticket system allow staff to focus on the customer, not the software.

Example Booking Site

Visit the client test at:

Key Functions 

  • Specify length of time slots
  • Specify number of families per time slot.
  • Limit number of children or adults per booking.
  • Charge for child or adults.
  • Pause for Santa’s breaks
  • Pause for Santa change overs.
  • Set pricing by date.  
  • PCI & GDPR compliant. 

Popular Features 

  • School bookings supported.
  • Autism sessions supported.
  • Special needs requests supported.
  • Optional marketing Opt-In.
  • Allow customers to edit bookings.
  • Allow customers to personalise visits.
  • Automatically receive list of each days’ bookings.

Autism & Sensory Focused Sessions

Supports Autism & sensory focused Santa sessions by turning selected times Gold. Capacity can be reduced during these sessions.  

Christmas Grotto Booking Online Autism

Personalised Visits

Choose to allow customers to personalise their Santa visit by submitting information they’d like Santa to know or say during their visit. 

Personalised Online Santa Bookings

Children are amazed when Santa reads from his large book details such as:

  • “Sarah, are you feeling better after falling off your bike last week? You were very brave.”
  • “Benjamin, how is your new school? You’re in the top reading set I hear. Amazing.”
  • “Jack, since becoming a big brother, you’ve been so helpful to Mummy. Very well done.”

Special Requirements

Choose to allow customers to submit special needs requests ahead of their visit. 

Autism Santa Bookings

School Bookings

Choose to allow schools to visit your Grotto on dates which suit you. Offer schools discounts & special needs school discounts. 

Christmas Grotto School Booking Santa


Default imagery & colours may be customised by client supplied artwork.

Branding Santa Online Prebooking System


Families receive souvenir style Santa tickets:

Grotto Ticket Example

Customer Service

Invite customers to contact Great Grottos if they have a query with their booking. We manage all enquiries. You need only provide customers with our details.  


Each day, a list of that day’s bookings is automatically emailed to you. 

Booking report is coloured grey/white so as to split the time slots visually.

Santas PreBooking Ticketing Report


There are no costs to our client. The client receives the ticket fee. Great Grottos retains the booking fee. 

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