Great Grottos Install, Hire & Manage Christmas Grottos

Christmas Grotto Event Hire

Theatrical Christmas Grottos installed where families may visit Santa & his Elves.

Families may book online or arrive on the day.

Each child receives a gift & photo souvenirs are available.

Format | Open Format Grotto

Open Night

Open Grottos are Christmas themed staged environments. With log cabin, fireplace backdrop.

Grotto Visit 1

In busy environments, privacy is increased through density of trees & props.

Grotto Visit 2

Format | Open Format Grotto Enhanced

Fabric scenery backdrops can enhance the environment. 

Santas Grotto Installation

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Santas Grotto Installation

Format | Double-Chamber Grotto

For high footfall environments, two Santas maybe required…

Great Grottos - Open Grotto Installation
Open Night

Double Chamber Christmas Grotto

Format | Authentic Christmas Grotto

Upscale to an authentic replica of Santa’s residence. Secret book case, open hearth & letter writing desk… Santa’s brought his whole house.

Great Grottos - Open Grotto Installation
Open Night

Great Grottos - Open Grotto Installation
Open Night

Optional | Animatronics  

Christmas Grotto Hire Props

Included | Santa Gifts

Split into age group, each sack contains a variety of present.

Santa's Wrapped Grotto Gifts

Included | Photography Souvenirs

Themed counters with matching camera stands.

Christmas Grotto Photography Souvenir System Hire Set-Up Counter

Established photo souvenirs & discount packages.

Christmas Gortto Photo Souvenir

Included | Online Pre-Booking

Integrated online booking, supporting:

•  Quiet sessions
•  School bookings 
•  Special needs

•  Marketing Opt-In
•  PCI & GDPR compliant
•  Cross-promotions

Christmas Grotto Online Ticketing

Included | Ticketing

Families receive souvenir tickets showing childrens’ names.

Christmas Grotto Ticket System Hire


Grotto Hire Components:

Grotto Rental Metrics:

  • Area: 25m² – 50m²
  • Installation: 7 hrs
  • Operation: 1 – 8 weeks
  • Staff Training: 1 day
  • Soft Launch: 1 day
  • Expected Footfall: 2,000 – 10,000 visitors

Santa's Christmas Sleigh

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