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Great Grottos Install, Hire & Manage Unique Christmas Grottos

Christmas Grotto Event Hire

Great Grottos install theatrical Christmas Grottos where families may visit with Santa and his Elves. Families may book online or arrive on the day. Each child receives a gift and photo souvenirs are offered.

Format | Open Grotto Stage

Great Grottos - Open Grotto Installation
Open Night

Open Grotto stages are Christmas themed environments, with log cabin, fireplace backdrop and animation.
In busy environments, privacy is increased through density of trees and props.

Grotto Visit 1
Grotto Visit 2

Format | Double-Chamber Grotto

Illuminated archway, winter garden, red carpeting, white picket fencing, log cabin, snow lighting – interior cabin decoration…

Great Grottos - Open Grotto Installation
Open Night

Double Chamber Christmas Grotto

Format | Authentic Christmas Grotto

Visit an authentic replica of Santa’s residence. Secret book case, open hearth, letter writing desk – Santa’s brought his whole house.

Great Grottos - Open Grotto Installation
Open Night

Great Grottos - Open Grotto Installation
Open Night

Optional | Animatronics  

Christmas Grotto Hire Props

Included | Six sacks surround our Santas

Split into six age groups & each includes a variety of presents.

Santa's Wrapped Grotto Gifts

Included | Photography Souvenir Service

Great Grottos provide counters with matching camera stands.

Christmas Grotto Photography Souvenir System Hire Set-Up Counter

Included | Photo Souvenirs

Established photo souvenirs, successful retail pricing & fantastic discount packages.

Christmas Gortto Photo Souvenir

Included | Online Pre-Booking

Integrated online booking available.

•  Facilitates prepurchase of tickets & photos
•  Supports school bookings & special needs
•  Fully customisable imagery

•  Mobile optimised
•  PCI & GDPR compliant
•  Supports cross-promotions

Christmas Grotto Online Ticketing

Included | e-Tickets

Families receive souvenir tickets showing childrens’ names.

Christmas Grotto Ticket System Hire


Grotto Hire Components:

Grotto Rental Metrics:

  • Area: 25m² – 50m²
  • Installation: 7 hrs
  • Operation: 1 – 8 weeks
  • Staff Training: 1 day
  • Soft Launch: 1 day
  • Expected Footfall: 2,000 – 10,000 visitors

Santa's Christmas Sleigh

Christmas Grotto Hire GALLERY | Christmas Grotto Hire Showcase

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