Great Grottos Hire, Install & Manage Christmas Grottos

Great Grottos create theatrical Christmas environments in which Santa and his Elves welcome families for memorable experiences.  

Families may pre-book online or arrive on the day. Each child receives a gift and photo souvenirs are available.

Format | Open Grotto Installation

Christmas Grotto Set RentalChristmas themed environment, with log cabin, fireplace backdrop and animation.
Within busy environments, privacy is increased through the density of trees and props.

Christmas Grotto Hire 01

Selection of popular animated props are available.

Christmas Grotto Hire Props

Format | Retail Unit Grotto

Retail unit Grotto sets are Christmas themed environments, where families meet Santa in an open livingroom themed area with fireplace backdrop.

In Unit Grotto four web

Great Grottos design and decorate according to the space permitted. Allowing for internal queuing, the Santa experience and photo payment.

In Unit Grotto 01b web
In Unit Grotto 05 web

Benefits of a Retail Unit Grotto Installation

In Unit Grottos offer the chance to take families off the busy mall floor, into a calm and magical environment offering control the entire visual experience, including the queue.

In Unit Grotto 03 web
In Unit Grotto 06 web

Format | Outdoor Christmas Grotto

Great Grottos install outdoor Christmas Grotto log cabins inclusive of Santa’s chamber and photo payment area. We provide all Grotto Staff, costumes, souvenir photos, presents and ticketing.

Outdoor Christmas Grotto Hire Rental

Log Cabin Outdoor Christmas Grotto Hire

Santa’s chamber includes key props such as Santa’s throne, fireplace, Christmas wishing tree, reindeer & childrens’ stools.

Log Cabin Outdoor Grotto Hire 04b
Installation includes; lighting, heating, electrics, music, waterproofing, disabled access & Norwegian Spruce pine scent.

Outdoor Grotto Hire & Rental

Our outdoor Christmas Grottos are specially treated to withstand the weather.
A range of exterior colour options are available. 

Format | Double-Chamber Grotto

For high traffic sites, two Santas maybe necessary during peak periods. Santa’s log cabin has one entrance with a clever diver inside to appear as though there is just one Santa. 

Christmas Grotto Hire
Christmas Grotto Hire

Format | Authentic Christmas Grotto

Visit an authentic replica of Santa’s residence. Secret book case, open hearth, letter writing desk – Santa’s brought everything he needs.

Reality Christmas Grotto Hire
Reality Christmas Grotto Hire
Reality Christmas Grotto Hire

Animated props provided

Christmas Grotto Hire Props

Included | Six sacks surround our Santas

Each contains one of six age groups & includes three variety of present.

Santa's Wrapped Grotto Gifts

Included | Matching Counter & Camera

Great Grottos provide counters with matching camera stands.

Christmas Grotto Photography Souvenir System Hire Set-Up Counter

Included | Photo Souvenirs

Established photo souvenirs, successful retail pricing & discount packages.

Christmas Gortto Photo Souvenir



Included | Online Pre-Booking

Grotto operation includes integrated online booking.

•  Fully customisable with client branding
•  School bookings & special needs supported

Christmas Grotto Online Booking

Included | e-Tickets

Customers receive e-tickets showing each child’s name.

Christmas Grotto Ticket System Hire


Grotto Hire Components:

Grotto Rental Metrics:

  • Ideal Space: 25m² – 50m²
  • Installation: 1 – 2 days
  • Rental Period: 1 – 8 weeks
  • Staff Training: 1 day
  • Soft Launch: 1 day
  • Expected Footfall: 1,000 – 10,000 visitors

Santa's Christmas Sleigh

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