Children are amazed when Santa really does know everything!

Amaze children | Enhance the magic

Customer Experience

This enhancement to Santa’s visits allows parents to provide information they would like Santa to know ahead of time.

Children are amazed when Santa reads from his large book details such as the name of their dog, their favourite toys or their best friend.

Whilst the occasional parent, who forgets they submitted the details, is equally astounded. 

Customer Examples

  • “Sarah, are you feeling better after falling off your bike last week? You were very brave.”
  • “Steven, how is your new school? Your teachers say they are very impressed.”
  • “Jess, my Elves tell me you’ve started learning ballet.”
  • “Jack, since becoming a big brother, you’ve been so helpful to Mummy.”

Christmas Grotto Management & Staff

Details Submitted During Prebooking 

This feature integrates into Great Grottos’ Santa booking system.

Give customers the option to personalise their Santa visit by submitting information they’d like Santa to know or to say during their visit. 

Personalised Online Santa Bookings


Tickets are provided with each booking.

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