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Experiential value | Unique interaction | Memorable activities

Engaging children & adults

Great Grottos provide amazing experiential Christmas Grotto enhancements.

Magical Mini Christmas Trees

Upon arrival at the Grotto, Children plant a magic bean. During their visit, they will be amazed as Santa magically grows their bean into a real mini Christmas Tree to take home. Children decorate their trees with a fantastic array of decorations and also receive a special gift.
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Mini Christmas Trees

Interactive Christmas Grotto 3D Grotto Shows

Great Grottos operate the UK’s busiest interactive 3D Grotto.

We work with specialist partners capable of delivering 3D experiences to international theme park standard.

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Award Winning Licensed GrottoAward Winning Branded Grottos

Great Grottos work with famous family brands to bring theatre, narrative & interactivity to the Santa experience.

Brand engagement allows our destination Grottos to create wide reaching appeal.
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Award Winning Branded Grottos

Story Time with Santa ClausStory Time with Santa

Children gather around Santa as he reads tales from his giant story book whilst families follow in their books.

Each child keeps their book as a memento. New stories start each week and books with both words & pictures ensure suitability for all ages.


Children build, personalise and dress their Snowman.

Photo opportunities with children’s creations are available via the cut-out backdrops.

My Passport to Christmas’

Whilst waiting for Santa, children receive their ‘Passport to Christmas’ full of activities and puzzles.

During their visit, Santa will places magical stamp inside to show they are on the ‘Good List’.

Elves also carry special stamps and stamps are available for local retailers to provide.
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Making Reindeer Food

Making Reindeer Food

This classic Christmas activity integrate seamlessly with the Santa visit. 

Children make the magical food which makes Santa’s Reindeer fly on Christmas Eve.

Santa is always impressed when children show them their creations.

Letter Writting to Santa ClausSanta Letter Writing

Popular Santa letter writing areas operate in addition to our traditional Grottos and as standalone events.

Great Grottos provide tables, chairs, postbox and materials. These provide reason for repeat visits to the Grotto and allow children to give their letter to Santa.

Santa’s Talking Post BoxSanta's Talking Christmas Post Box

Children can post their letter’s to Santa into a talking post box who comes alive with each letter.

Video demo
Santa’s Talking Post Box

Singing Animatronic ReindeerSanta’s Singing Reindeer

Rudolph, Blitzen & Donner interact with one another and sing a Christmas song. Available wall mounted and box mounted with customised recordings.

Video demo | Santa’s Singing Reindeer

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