Great Grottos are the experts in Grotto Safety

The safety of our families & staff is our top priority.
Our Covid safety measures are independently verified.
We can adapt your Grotto to prepare for any eventuality.


Social distancing requires the planning of space around Santa.
Great Grottos recommend four Grotto format which support this:

OpenOpen Stage Grotto 
Santa Infront of Grotto
Relocate to Unit
Enlarged Santa Chamber 

We will guide you through design options
and demonstrate how our Grottos operate.  


Great Grottos are authenticated as a Covid compliant event provider.
Practices essential to our success include: 


  • Prebooking with allocated customer time slots to ensure short queue at all times.

Santa Visits

  • Socially distanced Santa visits.


  • Floor indicators showing families where to stand for the perfect Santa photo.

Entry & Exit

  • Single flow walkways throughout the experience.

PPE & Sanitisation 

  • Scheduled sanitisation procures, strict guidance on public interaction and provision of mask for staff.


We operate a series of back of house measures which do not directly affect the customer. These include, replacement costumes, storeroom use policies and staff hygiene requirements.

Please enquire if you would like guidance in Grotto safety.

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