Experiential value. Unique interaction. Memorable activities.

Grottos that engage adults & children – Worthy of retelling.

Great Grottos create amazing experiential Christmas Grotto events.

Sample events: ‘The Snowman & The Snowdog Christmas Grotto‘,
Build-a-Snowman’, ‘Mini Magical Christmas Trees’ & ‘Inflatable Christmas Pets’.

Our creative process focuses on: Santa Visit

      • Experiential value
      • Appealing to adults & children
      • Integrating famous children’s brands
      • Narrative & theatre
      • Queue entertainment
      • Repeat visit strategies
      • Ticketing & pre-visit engagement

3D Grottos

Great Grottos operate the UK’s busiest 3D grotto. Experience includes interactive 3D animated adventure, Santa visits, event hosts and interaction throughout the experience.

We work with specialist partners capable of delivering 3D animation to international theme park standard. Insight into this format is available here: Delivering the Magic of Christmas


Award Winning Branded GrottosInteractive Christmas Grotto

Great Grottos work with internationally famous brands to bring theatre, narrative and interactivity to the Santa experience. Brand engagement allows our destination grottos to stand out from competition and create wide reaching appeal.

Insight into this format is available here: Award Winning Branded Grottos

Story Time with Santa ClausStory Time with Santa

Children gather around Santa as he reads tales from his gigantic old story book whilst families follow in their books.

Each child keeps their book as a memento of their visit. A new story starts each week and books with both words and pictures increase suitable for a wider age range.

Elf SchoolInteractive Christmas Grotto

Children learn about the lives of Santa’s Elves; how they live, work and play.

Our Elves need help with a variety of activities before the children visit Santa such as decorating for Christmas, making Reindeer food, magical wish lists and the Elf wardrobe. Santa is overjoyed when children show him how helpful they’ve been.

Letter Writting to Santa

Santa Letter Writing

Popular Santa letter writing areas operate in addition to our traditional grottos and as standalone events.

Great Grottos provide tables, chairs, postbox and all materials.

These give reason to repeat visits to the grotto and allow children to give their letter to Santa.

Mini Magical Christmas Trees 

Children receive a magical seed, which they plant in a pot, label with their name and spray with Lapland Super-Grow spray. After they visit Santa, they find in their pot has grown a mini magical Christmas Tree. Elves help the children to decorate their tree with ribbon, glitter & snow.

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